When the weather unfolded it forced the postponment of the Racing Greyhound Sweepstakes at the Ipswich Show on Saturday 14th May.  Not only being soaked thru and the dogs, it was of concern with exhibitors getting safely to the showgrounds & home helped make the final decision to postpone.

We feel that our original exhibitors should keep their place in the catalogue but we do realise that some of our wonderful greyhounds may have found new homes by then. That's not a problem, these can be replaced with another greyhound regardless of age or gender. If you prefer to withdraw, please let us know.

Talks are underway with the Ipswich Show Society, with the possibility of holding the Sweepstakes on a Sunday in June to be part of the popular Ipswich Sunday Markets, giving our greyhounds exposure to the Ipswich community. More informaion will appear here as progress is made.
Any suggestions?  Please don't hesitate to email us.
2021 Winners
The Ipswich Racing Greyhound Sweepstakes for 2021 was a great success.
Thank you to you all for being involved.
The judge was impressed with the condition of our greyhounds and our personal attitude toward the event.
We were refreshing.  Thank you so much, you have made the Industry proud.
Photos coming soon. In the meantime find the catalogue and the results here ...........

If you have not received your awards, please let us know.
There were ribbons for placings of 1st, 2nd & 3rd
There were trophies for 1st placing in the classes.
There were Trophies and Sashes for Best Dog & Runner-up Dog - Best Bitch & Runner-up Bitch
Champion of Show and Runner-up Champion of Show.

Monica's Joy - Rinky Dink Ptn

Consider Me Gone - Aaron Chamlers


Class 1 - Puppy Dogs
1st - Buddy - Aaron Chalmers
2nd - Tucker - Aaron Chalmers

Class 2 - Pre-Race Dogs
1st - Silver - White Tips Ptn
2nd - Max - Anderson & Bloomfield
3rd - Kobe - White Tips Ptn

Class 3 - Race Dogs
1st - Consider Me Gone - Aaron Chalmers
2nd - Riley's Reason - Erin Cameron
3rd - Prince Of Belair - Stephen Tribe

Class 4 - Veteran Dogs
1st - Coolradoo - Shane Topping
2nd - Big Boy Betro - Kerry Landers

Class 5 - Adopted Dogs
1st - King Fusion - Kerry Landers
2nd - Provan's Choice - Lynn Clout
3rd - Black Paws - Mike & Miok Hill

Consider Me Gone - Aaron Chalmers

Buddy - Aaron Chalmers

Class 1a - Puppy Bitches

No entries in this class

Class 2a - Pre-Race Bitches
1st - Jazz - Anderson & Bloomfield
2nd - Emma - Ross Ogden
3rd - Ella - White Tips Ptn

Class 3a - Race Bitches
1st - My Girl Gracey - Erin Cameron
2nd - Princess Rarity - Kristina Arnold
3rd - Dynamic Devin - Stephen Tribe

Class 4a - Veteran Bitches
1st - Monica's Joy - Rinky Dink Ptn
2nd - Kyella - White Tips Ptn
3rd - Ten Gallon Hat - Shane Topping

Class 5a - Adopted Bitches
1st - Petite Fox - Anderson & Bloomfield
2nd - Sharkiaya - Toni Potter
3rd - Gemma - Toni Potter

Monica's Joy - Rinky Dink Ptn

Petite Fox - Anderson & Bloomfield

Show Day - Saturday - 14th May 2022
This is going to be a lot of fun, so we need you to feel at home and comfortable.
We may have some hiccups with this being the first time at Ipswich,
but as usual, we all work together to make it happen.

Show Trade Site - 13 - 14 - 15 May 2022
Ipswich Racing Greyhound Show site open from Friday 13 May to Sunday 15 May. 
Promoting Greyhound Racing and GAPQ to the public.
Show our Greyhounds with pride.

We all share a passion for the one thing - "THE GREYHOUND", regardless if he/she is a pup, a racedog, retired or a pet.

Promote Greyhounds
Racing & Adoption!

We all share a passion for the one thing "THE GREYHOUND", regardless if he/she is a pup, a racedog, retired or a pet. We also share life with integrity, dignity, valour, unashamedly and with great modesty. Our Community is one of a kind, we share, we care and we are there to give each other a hand. Our Greyhounds and our sport are the common denominator, accepted by each other regardless of age, stature, disability, colour or creed.
Limited entries may apply.
Because of time related restrictions, we are afraid that there may be limits on the number of Greyhounds that can be accepted in the Ipswich Racing Greyhound Sweepstakes this year.
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